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Since 2015 our online pharmacy, has steadily earned its reputation as a one stop shop for buying for insomnia medication, and painkillers, which can all help people get a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is a major problem in the United Kingdom and recent studies show that we may benefit from using more  UK Medsdirect. An experiment called “the Better Sleep Study”, found that a staggering seventy five percent of staff employed in the UK suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, around half of employees take short naps during the day at work, and on average members of the UK workforce take two days off sick per year to catch up on lost sleep.

In another experiment, named “the Great British Sleeping Habits survey”, which was commissioned by Chemist 4 U, showed that 2 in 10  adults in the UK regularly get just five or six hours sleep per night, which is about thirty minutes less sleep than people in other countries in Europe and America.

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Xanax 1 mg is one of the most widely used pharmaceutical drugs used to treat conditions relating to anxiety.

Diazepam Tablets

Diazepam is the generic name, and active ingredient in the branded Valium tablet.

Nitrazepam 10
Nitrazepam 10 mg is a medication that is used for the short-term treatment of insomnia

In recent years, surveys across the UK discovered that nearly 30% to 50% of adults suffer from various sleep conditions.


Zaleplon belongs to a class of medications known colloquially as “Z-drugs”. It is a non-benzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic,


Ambien is the most popular brand name for zolpidem tartrate and it is used to treat insomnia.


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What Is Insomnia

Insomnia is defined as either the inability to get to sleep, or the inability to stay asleep during the night. Both the inability to get to sleep and the inability to stay asleep can lead to an individual experiencing an unhealthy amount of sleep.

Types Of Insomnia
Short Term Insomnia:

Short-term insomnia is also sometimes referred to as acute insomnia or adjustment insomnia, because the sleeplessness is generally caused by a stressful life event that takes time to adjust.

Examples of such events include the death of a love one, the loss of a job, or the breakdown of a long-term relationship, as well as political aspects such as Brexit, or the effects of living under lockdown.

This is the most common type of insomnia and it generally passes on its own without the need for a doctor to prescribe a sleep aid.

Chronic Insomnia:

Chronic insomnia is when a person has difficulty sleeping, at least three nights per week, for a period of two to three months .

Similar to short-term or adjustment insomnia, chronic insomnia can be caused by a stressful situation but it is much more likely to be the result of poor sleep hygiene, recurring nightmares, an underlying medical condition or a mental health disorder.

When a patient is suffering from long term chronic insomnia that is disturbing their daily routine, a doctor may prescribe UK Medsdirect.

How To Prevent Insomnia

As is true with many problems in life, prevention is the best cure for insomnia .

Learning how to prevent insomnia is an important part of CBT-I (cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia). 

The following tips have been shown to help promote a healthy sleep:

The combination of long-term positive lifestyle choices along with the short-term use of sleep aids, is known to be the fastest and most effective solution to deal with sleeping problems and prevent rebound insomnia.

Cure Insomnia Without UK Medsdirect

Before prescribing medication, doctors and pharmacists will usually suggest sleep education, also known as cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT-I for insomnia.

Cognitive behavior therapy teaches patients the importance of setting the scene for a good night’s sleep, suggesting that the bedroom should be used for sleep (and sex) only, and that all other activities should be conducted outside the bedroom.

Here are some more suggestions on how you can set the scene for a good night’s sleep in your bedroom:

Fall Asleep Quickly Using Sleeping Pills

Most people that suffer from insomnia experience difficulty falling asleep, or have sleep onset insomnia , due to negative thoughts or restless legs, and end up tossing and turning for hours. Sleep aids can help reduce the time needed to fall asleep, thereby increasing total sleep time.

These medications also prevent middle-of-the-night (MOTN) insomnia which is characterised by nocturnal awakenings with difficulty returning to sleep afterwards. It is the most frequently reported symptom of insomnia with approximately 35% of adults waking up during the night three or more times a week.


How Sleeping Pills Work

Sleeping pills are specially designed to make patients feel sleepy and fall asleep quickly. People that use a sleep aid are normally able to cure themselves of insomnia symptoms in under 4 weeks.

These medications should only be used as the short-term treatment (2 – 4 weeks) due to their habit-forming chemical compounds.

When used properly and in accordance with the patient information leaflet, sleeping pills can help put an end to patterns of poor sleep and provide relief to people who are severely sleep deprived.

Sleep aids can create an opportunity for patients to work on the underlying cause of their insomnia:

Just like types of insomnia, there are two main types of sleeping pills:


Popular sleep aids in this class include Nitrazepam, Temazepam and Diazepam, which all provide a calming effect and help patients fall asleep. Benzodiazepine sleep aids are most commonly prescribed by doctors to patients that are suffering from insomnia induced by anxiety or panic attacks.

Non benzodiazepines:

Also called Z drugs, or Z hypnotics. Medications from this class include Zopiclone (brand name Zimovane) and Zolpidem (Brand name Ambien). Non benzodiazepine sleep aids help patients fall asleep and can help patients stay asleep for a duration of 7 – 8 hours, and are generally only prescribed for the treatment of insomnia.

Each of these medications work slightly differently but they all act on the same gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in the brain, which help control alertness and relaxation levels.

Studies show that non benzodiazepine sleep aids are considered safer, and prescribed more than benzodiazepine sleep aids due to the reduced risk of patients experiencing side effects such as drowsiness the next day.

If making lifestyle changes or attending CBT-I sessions isn’t possible due to an underlying medical condition or work commitments, a doctor may prescribe a sleep aid. Like all medications, sleep aids have potential side effects, and although most people do not experience them, it is important to be well informed.
Most common side effects:
Less common side effects:

Any unwanted side effects experienced will generally subside when the medication leaves the body, and should not continue into the next day. If any unwanted effects persist patients are advised to stop taking the medication, and only resume once consulting with their doctor or pharmacist.

Over The Counter Vs. Online UK Medsdirect

Man takes medicines with glass of water.

The debate over OTC UK Medsdirect and online sleeping pills has become fierce in recent years resulting in a larger number of sleep aid medicines becoming available over the counter in high street pharmacies such as Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy, and a larger number of online pharmacies popping up to offer a more discreet alternative.

Sleep aids available over the counter normally contain antihistamines or combinations of antihistamines and pain relievers or alcohol, and include brand names such as Nytol, Unisom and Tylenol.

The OTC sleep aids mentioned above are considered safe for long-term use, but while they are designed to make users feel sleepy and fall asleep, they are known to be less effective at helping users stay asleep.

When a patient is suffering from chronic insomnia, or experiencing a lack of sleep due to frequent awakenings during the night, a pharmacist may suggest online sleeping pills as they are known to help patients stay asleep, and help prevent rebound insomnia.